Solo Exhibition – August 2017

In this series of abstracted landscapes, each work is named for its general location. Obscure places. It is a homage to the nobody’s and the nowhere’s, the shepherd boys and girls with hidden potential. When no person is there to observe these particular views, it still exists without hesitation, in all its fullness.

[ Limited Edition Series, Acrylics on Board. ]

These South African landscape scenes were specifically chosen, because these are places where I have either stood, drove through or experienced at some point in time. I love the lines, the potential for it to become expressive or abstract, often within the same work. This collection is painted on board, also in making it unique, references the ancient method of panel painting which was the more stately approach, even into the 18th century in some European countries.



Joint Exhibition, October 2015

Zonnekus, David Brave

Hidden Horizons

Solo Exhibition, August 2017

#Find Me

Group Exhibition Sept 2018


Solo Exhibition Dec 2020